I will do unique self help children ebook and kindle book formatting

Do you need an ebook or content for your child(ren)?

I’m a passionate writer who enjoys creating books that children will enjoy, with over 3 years of experience and I love children very much and I’m fascinated by the way their little minds work.

Having worked in a children’s library and as a copywriter on iwriter.com. I understand the exact choice of words needed to ignite children’s fantasies. A good children’s book, no matter how simple or complex, gives a feeling of exuberance, and I want to bring such happiness to children through my work.

I can assure you that you will not be disappointed as I am going to write a fun and adventurous children’s story. You can choose a topic or leave it to me. I focus on writing a quite simple and clear, yet thrilling and awesome ebook. The story will be research based and very interesting for children. You can give me the details of the story or let me suggest the characters and the plot of the story.

You can contact for samples or ORDER NOW to get started.

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