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How are you doing?

Hey! I’m Charles.

I know I’d be a great fit for all your writing and editing tasks. I’m a creative writer with five years of experience in editing and proofreading.

I’m committed to helping you overcome your limitations and create work that matters.

In my experience, three factors that’ll really take the life out of your written projects are; bad writing style, inconsistency in your writing, and poor book development.

It’s easy to tell when a style is bad because the author’s word choice, phrase structure, figurative language, and phrase arrangement that were intended to create mood, images, and meaning in the text are either shallow or not up to acceptable standards.

Not to worry, I’ll make sure your writing is clear, direct, understandable, and also ensure that all internal events follow your already established rules.

Story inconsistency or plot-holes clearly stand out in fiction writing, where an inconsistency in a storyline runs counter to the logic flow set by the plot of the story.

It can also show in articles where the facts are either false or outdated.

To fix this, you need fresh eyes to re-examine your plot, characters, and crosscheck

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