I will create unique online course content, website, ppt presentation for eLearning

Hi, am flora, everyone knows that Creating high-quality online courses, not an easy task focusing on the key components which are crucial in providing students with an engaging, understanding, and effective enlightening experience. It is important to have meaningful activities, great resources, and quality assessments. I have designed many online courses for more than a hundred clients, when creating online course content or web course content, I basically follow this Plan- create- Deliver(PCD), I layout each section and lessons within them for each decide what pieces of content will be needed and how they will be delivered( videos, audio, animations, text) plus any quizzes or assignments, you will have with those lessons. One thing I find is that as you layout the structure into sections(modules) and lessons, some tasks happen, making this step easier.

 what’s in for you:

  •   Online course
  •   Course development
  •   Ppt presentation
  •    Scriptwriting
  •    Texts, videos, slideshow
  • Outlines
  • CLO
  •     Course websites
  •     Video scripts
  • Workbook/worksheets


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