I will create online course content for your online course business,learning, website

If you’re looking for a Experienced consultant to help you with your online course business, you’re in the right place.
I am an online course consultant with expertise in helping creators create online courses. 
I can help you build your Online Course, website course.
I will do all the heavy lifting for your Online course so that you have more time to do the work that actually makes your money- engaging with and expanding your audience. 

Here is what I can do for you:
  • Create your online course from scratch (we’ll work together to create an outline) including narration scripts and slides (if applicable)
  • Create supplemental materials for your course such as workbooks
  • Turn an already-existing course into an eBookss
  • Course uploading
  • Badges & Certificates for lms
  • Upload & Manage Assignments
  • Learning management system development
  • E-learning portal
  • Collaborate and Commission 
  • Quizzes & Questions 
  • PPT,PDF, Video, Audio etc any type of course material management
  • and much more…
Feel free to contact me for suggestions.
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