Brainstorm 7 catchy business names, taglines,book titles

I will brainstorm business names, brand names, product names, app/website names, or slogans, headlines, names or taglines, great content for products, services, events, businesses, organizations, and more!
 A well-made creative, memorable and professional name will make an impression on your customers they won’t forget. Tell me about the background of your business, web site, or product and anything you think would help.

I’ll check for names that do well in your industry and brainstorm 7 names that grab attention and memorable. You will love my creative approach and be happy
You will receive one thing from the list per gig:
7 business names
7 business taglines
7 product names
7 service names
7 app/website/Domain names
7 names for whatever you need
Why is this gig better than other naming gigs?

I have many 32years of experience working in branding and business marketing, who understands the impact of unique sounds and varying numbers of syllables on the flow of a business name/product name. I make sure every name is easy to spell and pronounce in as many languages as possible.
I’ll check and build names that have domain, trademark and social media availability. 
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