I will be your English tutor and provide lesson plans

I am an English teacher and proofreader. I also hold a master’s degree in English literature. I will be your online English tutor and assist in completing your English projects.

My services:

  • Online English tutor
  • TEFL
  • ESL
  • English lesson plans & planners
  • English project
  • English grammar & punctuation
  • Proofreading
  • English literature

I can write interactive & engaging lesson plans for your English learning and teaching. I can make ESL, TESOL and TEFL lesson plans.

I will create teacher planners that are student-centred and full of activities with a lot of ICT opportunities.

Each planner can cover a 40-50 minutes class period on a topic of your choice.

Resources, including worksheets, examples and teaching modalities will also be attached with the planner. Each lesson plan will include objectives, methodologies, a starter activity, closure, differentiation tasks, evaluation and pre and post-assessment tasks etc. I can assist you in solving and completing your English assignments or projects.

I offer 100% original content with fully proofread lesson plans. 

feel free to ask any questions & assistance for online English tutors and English projects.

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