I will make matte painting and compositing professionally


Hello Everyone, you are more than welcome to check out my portfolio to get a good idea of my work. I look forward to being part of your success.

This gig is about VFX Matte Painting & Compositing. We will work through the processing pipeline depending on the client’s requirements. You will find an amazing matte painting that your need perfectly. When the matte painting work is finalized I will start the compositing process with Layer-based /Node-based software. Compositing is a job where it is important to fully discuss the job description. I will provide as many corrections as necessary to get exactly what you are looking for.

My Services Include:

✅ Rotoscope/Masking

✅ Green screen

✅ Chroma keying

✅ Roto paint

✅ Cleanup

✅ Object removal

✅ Mobile/Tv screen replacement

✅ Beauty work

✅ Tracking mark remove

✅ Matte painting/Set Extension

✅ VFX Compositing

✅ Camera Tracking

✅ Explosions

✅ Muzzle Flashes

✅ Blood

✅ Bullet holes

✅ Destruction

✅ Lightsabers/Lasers

✅ Visual Effects

✅ Compositing shots

✅ Color grading and Correction

✅ High-end video editing

*Contact me before ordering if you have a specific set of requirements.

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