I will make HD sleep, yoga relaxing and meditation music video



Dear Sir or Madam

Hey there ,I am Sayma Akter. I will create HD meditation music videos for your channel and relaxing videos ranging between 1 to 10 hours according to your requirements. My experience 5 years old



1. Non copyright Footage and image or music (sunset, galaxy, moon, Flower, Hill, fountain, Ocean waves, sky, trees and nature). I am buying in-video footage and image


My service


Meditation Music 

Relaxing Music 

Deep Sleep

Yoga Music

Calm Music

Soft Piano

Relaxation Music

Zen Music



Nature Sounds

Thunder Rain and More Type

meditation ( 432hz ,528hz ,963hz)

Miracle tone, Third eye, (963 Hz+852 Hz+639 Hz)

Meditation and Relaxation Music (528 Hz)

056 Hz Music – Higher Miracle Tone 528 Hz – Ultra High Trance Vibration – Tibetan Bowls Bass Drum

Meditation Music with Flute (432 Hz)

Spiritual Meditation for wealth (528 Hz)


Why you choose me:-


Full HD Quality

100% Royalty Free

Master Audio

Animated Vi-deo

Upto 4k HD Quality Footage

(HD 1920×1080) video


 So, I am waiting for your message. Please contact me before you order.


Fiverr Gig URL: https://www.fiverr.com/sayma_01/make-hd-sleep-yoga-relaxing-and-meditation-music-video

Fiverr Gig Price ($) : 5

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