I will make amazing 2d animated lyrics video for your songs

I will create amazing 2d animated lyrics video, rap lyrics video, song lyrics video, metal lyrics and typographical lyrics

Make videos with your own images, music and lyrics. You can align lyrics with the music, so that the proper words appears when they are pronounced in the song which make your song more advance and go inline with the trend of the century


  1. Audio: wav, mp3, etc.
  2. Lyrics: doc, text, pdf, docx.
  3. Song title.
  4. Artist name.
  5. Your logo (PNG or JPEG) If you have any

   Your (Video Or Images,) If you have any

I make a custom lyrics video for uploading on youtube, instagram, facebook

Order Now, or Contact Me with your ideas and let make the best out of your song to make something more creative

Best Regards

Creative_Mind !!!

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