I will do 3d character modelling, 3d modelling, 3d character animation, 3d rendering


You’re Welcome Sir/Ma’am

This particular GIG is for Custom 3D Characters Modelling for all types of Characters you desire or want for you 3D video animation. We Provide a High Quality 3D Characters Modelling with Source file that can be use anytime and on any software for 2D3D ANIMATION VIDEO Regardless of the Objects.

You’re already in the Right GIG, STRESS NO MORE!. We are just like a bunch of animators in Zucostudio with different sets of knowledge and experiences. We make it happen and make the Video Idea come to REALITY.

REALISTC CHARACTERS: The characters that will be very REAL – there will be no comparison between the sample image and the the CUSTOM character we Model <We Do 3D Character Modeling for Animals, Human, Objects, Electronics, Fashions in different kinds>

CUSTOM CARTOON CHARACTER MODELLING AND DESIGN: it normally look like Cartoon not that realistic. Will show the examples when you message

  1. We Do Custom 3D Characters Modelling
  2. We Do texturing
  3. We Design Environment
  4. We do rigging and Rendering and also deliver Full Animation Video (Contact Let’s Talk in Details for better understanding)


We Reply within 5 Minutes Just like flash


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