I will do 3d character animation, cartoon music video, and 3d animation video

      My name is Harbidex and I am an Illustrator, Concept Artist and 3D Animator. I have a lot of years of experience working on various children’s books, animations, and other projects. My main focus is fantasy and sci-fi illustration but I can also stretch across all genres.

  We will design from cartoon style to realistic for you. we have expertise in vector art and character animation. We are able to transform the real you in an attractive and awesome cartoon style

   We pride ourselves for having done world class animation projects. We have created with many characters and their animations.

   We love coming up with original and unique characters with key selling points and interesting appearances, in a variety of genres and styles.

 Areas of Expertise:

  • 3d Modeling
  • Animation
  • Rigging
  • Rendering
  • Illustration
  • Photos — all kinds of retouch and editing

These animations have been in variety of different fields :
1) Cartoon Music Video
2) 3D Animation Video
3) Promotional Animation Videos

Kindly message us now to be consider this done and also to have the best quality work done with Teams of Professional Animators


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