I will animate 2d character animation, cartoon video, rig, light

I rig 3D characters, assets for games and films. They will be exported for the platform you want.
I can do basic to professional rig for you as par your demands, such as
: Biped Rig
: Quadruped Rig
: Creature Rig
: Vehicle Rig
: Mechanical Rig
: Props Rig
: Facial Rig (on additional gig extra)
I will provide a very flexible rig set up so that you use the rig very easily in the platform you want,
like Games and Flims etc.
You just have to send me the assets you want me to rig in a 3D format. (Obj, Fbx, Maya,).
Please before placing an order send me a message to discuss your project. 
1. Modeling
Modeling is the act of creating and building the character figure or object in a 3d application.
  • I will need Sketch(es) or pictures of your character and any other important information

2. Rigging
Rigging is the process of adding bone and joint to the character for animation
  • I will need your 3d object or characters model for rigging

3. Animation
The animation is the process of making a 3d object or character move in a 3d world
  • I will need video reference, Voice over if applicable and soundtracks if necessary. 
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