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0   Hi, I have 5+ years of experience in Music Marketing with U.S., Canadian, and European music artists. What I suggest to the clients: ⭐ Digital Marketing Services ✅ Full Social Media Marketing ✅ Ad Creation Campaigns on Social Media Platforms ( i. e. Facebook, Instagram) ✅ Music artist Branding and Strategy Creation ✅ […]

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0 HOW THE CAMPAIGN WILL BE EXECUTED: I’ve designed holistic pr0motional model structured by Share on different social media channels that I, own. Run social media ads to find out and reach interested audience base. WILL expose your songS to our audience and subscribers through opt-in email list of music enthusiasts WHERE THE CAMPAIGN WILL […]

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0 WELCOME TO MY GIG THAT IS OFFERING PROMOTION FOR SPOTIFY MUSIC TRACK  Here I provide an organic promotion for SPOTIFY TRACKS to target audiences all around the world. Massive exposure of your talent and business via Playlists, social media, network and Blogs to gain a competitive advantage over others    How I will pr0mote your […]