write any type of erotic fiction or fantasy story

Favorite0Hello hello,  HELLO For your EROTICA AND ROMANCE WRITING, are you looking for a highly experienced, imaginative and professional eBook writer? Look No More futher Is there a tantalizing story you need to put into words but can’t quite seem to get right? I’m here to write an interesting #erotic stories# and #erotic writing# BDSM, Kinky, and NSFW writing for you as professional #Erotic story writer# with over 8 years experience. I’ll write you a captivating and […]

I will write any type of erotic fiction or fantasy romance story

Favorite0 About This Gig About This Gig Hello there,  I will bring your most wild fantasies to words. I am up for writing on any category to name a few, humiliation and disgrace vanilla bdsm  exhibition and voyeurism non-con or reluctance toys Incest/ Taboo Fetish Fantasy and Sci-Fi Fandom Romance You name your fetish or […]

I will ghostwrite, edit your romance, erotica, erotic story

Favorite0 WELCOME TO THE BEST EROTIC STORY GIG!!! Nothing can be compared to having your romantic fantasies played out in a graphic and immersive style in the pages of a book; which in sheer excitement lets you drift to the edge of your couch.  I’ll write a personalized romance and erotic story with the storyline you’re choosing or creating a plot for you if you don’t have one. I write in all romance genre and I am convenient with any erotica scene, no matter how raw or kinky it might be.    I specialize in all erotica and romance sub genres which includes: Paranormal, BDSM, College, Interracial, Romantic comedy, Suspense & Thriller, Group sex, Gay/Lesbian Romance, and many more.   My stories are […]