Predict your soulmate relationship through vedic astrology

Favorite1 Hello, I am astro Rajeev and I am here to solve all your queries related to soulmate. I am a professional astrologer having over 25 years of experience. Have analysed 40000 horoscopes so far. I will analyse your birth chart in depth and will provide accurate predictions using different techniques of astrology such as […]

I will provide you a personal counselling and advice on your romantic life

Favorite0I WILL PROVIDE YOU A PERSONAL COUNSELLING AND ADVICE ON YOUR ROMANTIC LIFE WELCOME TO MY GIG Are you looking for someone to listen to or talk to, someone that is compassionate and non-judgmental to share your thoughts with? Someone who will listen to you and offer assistance in the best possible way? Well, you […]

I will do honest prediction based on vedic astrology

Favorite0Based on my knowledge and practical experience I will do a detailed analysis of your birth chart through Vedic Jyotish DATE, TIME, AND PLACE OF BIRTH are compulsory for making charts for readings. my prediction has come true in part because I believe in astrology as a science and not as a superstition. my motive […]

I will heal relationships with divine light reiki spiritual energy

Favorite2I use Diving light energy directly from the Source to provide effective distant Reiki healing that rejuvenates the physical, mental and spiritual bodies and heal relationships. During distant Reiki session, you will feel the purest form of the Divine Light and Reiki energy flow through every cell of your body. You will feel the energy running through your body […]