Send You Calendar Showing Your Unique Daily Success Colours

Based on your birthdate, I will send you a calendar highlighting your unique daily success colours. By matching your clothes or accessories to your daily success colour, you will be able to enhance the energy surrounding you that day. Keeping in mind that your day will likely be better than it might have had you not. Calendars […]

Make your horoscope report with detail prediction and analysis

KUNDALIPHAL Basic Includes Birth details with Panchang, Planetary Degree/Positions, Favourable Points, Birth chart, Moon chart, Navamsha chart, Chalit & Cuspal chart House predictions about your Health, Finance, Marriage, Career etc. Dasha readings for 10 years Yearly predictions (Transit predictions) for % years Sadesati (Saturn’s period) Gem Therapy Kalsarp Dosh Manglik Dosh Lucky Substitute Stone KUNDALI […]