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0 Hello, I am a Smart Contract developer. I have experience in developing smart contracts for ethereum platforms like ERC20/TRC20 Token, ICO Website, Liquid Mining, Staking, Yield Farming, Nft website, etc. I am also involved in developing DApp based applications . Beyond my development skills, I think that my soft skills are a real selling point for my services. I […]

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0 HELLO GREAT BUYER, YOU ARE HIGHLY WELCOME ETH/TRON SMART CONTRACT, SMART CONTRACT GAMES, MLM ( BINARY,AUTOPOOL,ROI,MATRIX) SMART CONTRACT WEBSITE, DAPPS, TRC20, ERC2O TOKEN. Welcome, Are you looking for An experienced blockchain developers for the development of wallets and exchanges, crypto-Assets, Dapp, Ethereum, MLM website, multichain, Investment smart contract, ethos, open-wallet, trc20 or erc20 standard and […]