I will do african pattern, adinkra, kente, adire, ankara, inca

1+ Hi,I am a professional textile and Graphic designer, with vast years of experience. I am available to create state of art, eye catchy african pattern for fabric and wallpaper prints. I can design any kind of design/pattern be it Floral, geometry, Stripes, lines, Abstract, or Tribal… for textile materials and wallpaper materials.I do mock […]

Tutor you maths and statistics for high school, college and university

0 Help doing assignments or online task for any fields in maths and statistics i.e. Trigonometry Geometry Calculus Discrete maths Basic maths Probability and statistics Logarithms Algebra Discrete and continuous variables in statistics And many more I will beat your teacher’s dateline by making quick/fast delivery done accurate to give best score. I did major […]