I will be your professional spokesperson and funny video host

Favorite0Want to give your business or product a kick_start ? Now you can, with a professional business spokesperson video suited to any industry. mr_bone will be your African spokesperson and video host. With me as your professional video spokesperson, you can be sure to get your brand noticed, and who knows, we could even go viral! […]

I will do voiceovers for your commercials, ads, ebooks, etc

Favorite1My name is Richard Boudreau and I’m available to do various voice-over gigs for commercials, ads, e-books, etc. I have extensive experience in podcasting, in the world of professional wrestling as I host a professional wrestling podcast called Pro Wrestling Slam! (formerly Kayfabe Kickout) and I have broad interview experience as well. Since 2013, I […]

Sing or Speak in a Funny Voice

Favorite0I will sing your song in one or more of my “funny” voices; my usual voices include chipmunk-like, opera, sexy, and faux-country, but I’m willing to do a free [10-second] sample of most anything else you have in mind, if you want to really experiment. Whatever I do, it will make your song or story […]