I will generate 10k nfts for solana, ethereum with complex rarities

Favorite0Have an outstanding looking NFT Collection layers ready but have no idea how to generate 10k NFTs with complex rarities? No worries you are on the right gig! I can generate 10k NFTs with metadata for Solana or Ethereum blockchain for you in one. day Things you should provide to me? layers for the NFT Collection Split into layer […]

I will create an upgradeable nft erc721 or erc1155 solidity smart contract

Favorite0WELCOME (packages features displayed at the bottom) If you’re reading this, you’re half-way towards choosing the best Blockchain Development service on Fiverr. Don’t just take our word for it, we invite you to take a peak at our certifications, displayed on our profile and in the pictures above. WE OFFER 10% DISCOUNT for first-time orders WHAT TO EXPECT: Two full-time nerds with a 16-hour […]

I will develop a decentralized messaging app on android and ios

Favorite0  About This Gig Centralized communication platforms prove to be an easily identifiable weakness in activist movements. In the decentralization of communication, blockchain technology is looked to as playing a critical role as a starting point for messaging applications and nft chat app. These solutions effectively go above and beyond encryption to add another level […]

I will create nft smart contract with nft minting website for you

Favorite0Hello, you are highly welcome to my nft minting with smart contract gig, which you are going to receive a best project from me, in which i will create you a smart contract with their functionalities The solution itself comprises two smart contracts. The first contract represents each sticker that can be individually traded and […]

I will nft smart contract, nft blockchain, smart contract, metamask

Favorite0I am a FullStack Ethereum Blockchain developer providing services for Solidity Smart Contract, React Web3 frontend, and NodeJS API development. I have experience working with ERC721, ERC21 tokens, OpenZepplin contracts, and Truffle Suite. I will create robust and modern DApps by using modern technologies. I can create all kinds of DApps and Defi Applications with solid knowledge of protocols. […]

I will be your solidity, smart contract, blockchain developer

Favorite0WELCOME to my solidity, smart contract, blockchain developer Important: Please don’t place an order without contacting me first Looking for a Solidity, Smart Contract, Blockchain Developer? Look no further. I can help you make your own TRC20, ERC20, BEP20, NFT Token or Do you want to write a custom smart contract, Look no further, contact […]

I will write blockchain smart contract in ethereum and hyperladger

Favorite0 Hi, I’m a Solidity smart contracts developer. I create ,compile, deploy and test smart contracts using Truffle on Ethereum blockchain. i have tokenized funds, equity and developed end-to-end technology for numerous security token offerings (STO). i will Implements a Turing-complete language on its blockchain, a prominent smart contract framework. Benefit: Speed, efficiency and accuracy, Trust […]

I will create awesome a smart contract on the blockchain

Favorite0Hi, I’m ali_jubreol, I have a lot of passion for my work, my biggest asset is my blockchain developer and smart contract developer skills but I also love working in unity , making nice games/minigames or making a new Web App, or starting a new Android/iOS App , I know how to use a lot […]

I will interact your solidity smart contract with web3 js

Favorite0 About This Gig HELLO GREAT BUYER, I am working in the field of Blockchain and I am an expert in creating Smart Contracts. So if you want to write a smart contract for your project or If you have an already written smart contract and you just want to connect the smart contract with the front-end/website […]