I will create erc20 token, bep20 token, erc721 token, erc1155 token and smart contract

BEP20 TOKEN, ERC721 TOKEN, ERC1155 TOKEN, ERC20 TOKEN AND SMART CONTRACT FOR NFT Hello friend, How can you get started with your token ? But before that, my name is darren, a software engineers and blockchain affectionates. Did you have a little idea on block chain or nfts token and smart contract (ERC721, ERC1155, ERC20 […]

I will create an upgradeable nft erc721 or erc1155 solidity smart contract

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I will create NFT minting website, Solana smart contract, minting engines

Hello esteemed Buyers, I welcome you to my NFT MINTING WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT GIG. Smart Contract is an entity that is assigned to something that has value. I will be Creating Smart contracts on Blockchains like Solana, Ethereum, Polygon and I will also create/develop website with or without the minting page or mint DApp function. What […]

I will create crypto token, bsc, bep20 token, erc20 token smart contract

CREATE YOUR TOKEN IN SECONDS! I will create crypto token, ERC20 token, BSC Token, BEP20 token, Solana smart contract, Token Creation and deploy on any blockchain network of your choice. TOKEN FUNCTIONALITIES (TOKENOMICS) include: Token Name (eg. UNISWAP) Token Symbol (eg. UNI ) Total Supply (eg. 1 Billion) alongside Min. & Max. Supply Decimals (eg. 18) Other […]

I will make quality nft collection with 1k, 5k, 10k nfts and deploy on ipfs opensea

Welcome, Thanks for landing at our service. It is our pleasure to serve you. Please drop a message before placing an order. We create unique NFT art collection for opensea at best price for you. We are a team of seasoned designers and coders. We will draw a unique NFT character from scratch and suitable […]