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Favorite0Hey Client, EBOOK SALES FUNNEL, EBOOK LANDING PAGE , EBOOK PROMOTION, EBOOK MARKETING, CLICKFUNNELS SALES FUNNEL GIG Welcome, I’m a SALES FUNNEL expert, a professional in setting up converting funnels for your EBOOK. Creating a great book is a very good start but if you don’t have a targeted marketing strategy in place, you are going to have a difficult […]

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Favorite0Hi there, I will help you prOm0te your book in a big way I have 5 blogs to boost your book upon Including blogs such as:  Authors Village BookStock Festival Download This Book Adventure Authors This is YOUR chance to really gain some real traction with your book prom0tion! You want the world to know […]

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Favorite0Hello! Are you looking for an easy way to promote, create your e-book, or sell books? I will build a compelling landing page that entices potential buyers to purchase your product and a sales funnel that directs traffic to the landing page in order to successfully sell your e-book. I can assist you professionally in marketing […]

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Favorite0EBOOK SALES FUNNEL CLICKFUNNES SALES FUNNEL LANDING PAGE SAMCART SALES FUNNEL Hey! Are you looking for a great-looking, professional sales page that you can use to convert more Ebook leads? Then we have what you’re looking for. My name is Kendra, and I’m a trained digital marketer with over five years of experience building profitable […]

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Favorite0Hello there, Do you know you can make use of ebook landing page in different ways, it isn’t only for selling books online. With a well designed ebook landing page, you can build your email list, drive traffic to your website or blog, increase brand awareness and authority and also gather feedback and increase sales […]

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Favorite0Are you interested in selling your eBooks or Kindle Books? Or you want to set-up a converting eBook Funnel that will get you sales? IF YOU WANT TO SELL MORE OF YOUR EBOOK, THEN I’M HERE FOR YOU. I will help you to sell more eBooks, set up advanced marketing tactics, convert on more sales, increase your Amazon Author Rank, and grow your […]

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Favorite0Hello Dear, If you’re having trouble figuring out how to promote your e-book but don’t know where to start, don’t worry. The ebook sales funnel is a step-by-step method to recruiting loyal readers and consumers to your e-book. Using a well-designed sales funnel, you can convert your potential leads into frequent and paying clients. Do […]

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Favorite0I WILL DO EBOOK SALES FUNNEL EBOOK LANDING PAGE SALES FUNNEL FOR EBOOK EBOOK MARKETING. GET YOUR 5% DISCOUNT ON YOUR FIRST PROJECT!!! Are you looking for an expert to help promote your ebook via sales funnel? OR you find it difficult to make sales in your ebook? Then look no further, I’m the right […]

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Favorite0EBOOK SALES FUNNEL, EBOOK LANDING PAGE, AND DIGITAL PRODUCTS UPLOAD, EBOOK BLACK FRIDAY PROMOTION Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read about my gig. Do you have a book but aren’t sure how to prom0te it to get sales? Do you have an unpublished work in the Amazon Kindle Store and are […]

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Favorite0Hello awesome Buyer, It’s nice having you around. Are you having trouble marketing your eBook service or uploading a Digital Product you have? Did you realize that 99.9% of people fail to EARN SALES due to avoidable mistakes? Are you an Author who wants to take your Book business to the next level? OR you’ve […]