I will proofread and edit anything

How to order: If your document contains fewer than 2,000 words, please order directly from this gig. If your document contains more than 2,000 words, needs to be proofread sooner than 24 hours, or needs to be rewritten or paraphrased, contact me to get a quote. I will: Proofread and edit the text to ensure […]

I will proofread and be your copy editor

Hello, My name is Leo, a professional copy editor, and I am grateful that you could check out my proofreading/copyediting Gig. Here, I offer exemplary writing, proofreading and copyediting services tailor-made to your needs. If you have a fiction/nonfiction document or book which you would wish to have proof read, I will provide professional proofreading services and […]

I will professionally edit and proofread your books and ebooks

Employing a Professional Book Editor & Proofreader Can Increase the Potential of Being a Best-Selling Author. Many inaccuracies in your books results in worse ratings, which will lead to less sales and lower ranks. You have invested time and work into writing this book. Now it’s time to sit back while I put the final […]

I will grammarly proofread and edit your document in 24 hours

Looking for a Ninja editor and proofreader with express delivery in 24 hours? Look no further! Yours truly is here to save your document….. and your day 😎 How? My gig provides Grammarly editing and proofreading services: ✅ Spelling check ✅ Grammarly check ✅ Punctuation check ✅ Readability score check ✅ Editing ✅ Proofreading ✅ Rewriting With 10+ years of experience in hand, I have worked with clients from around the globe. […]

I will professionally edit and proofread your document or content

Hello! Welcome to my EDITING & PROOFREADING SERVICES! Have a professional proofreader with 6 years of experience as a researcher, editor, and proofreader. I have vast experience in editing and proofreading of variety of manuscripts including thesis, dissertation, and scientific articles. My service assures timely delivery of documents that are polished with syntactically correct English. I am available to […]

I will ghostwrite your non fiction ebook, ghostwriting, copy editor

Hello great buyer, Are you looking for the best ghostwriter to hand in your non-fiction books? Oh yes, you’re welcome to the right gig because, for many years, I have worked as a freelance writer and nonfiction writer. I enjoy writing and ghostwriting people’s non-fiction projects. I am excited to work with my clients on […]

I will ghostwrite christian book, children book, bible, christian ebook, copy editor

Hello! Am Faith_writer4 a professional Christian eBook writer. I’ve worked with Pastors, Christian leaders, and aspiring authors to develop Christian books, bible verses, children’s books, sermons. As a professional Christian writer and counselor, Since have started writing Christian books, I understand that Christian writing is based on the word of God to nourish, heal and guide the flock. Let shed […]

I will do english proofreading and editing of documents or blog perfectly

About This Gig WELCOME TO MY GIG When it comes to Proofreading and editing of documents and written copy for your blog or website, this include short blogs, lengthy articles, and everything in between. And as someone who enjoys reading, but happens to be a stickler for proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. WHAT I OFFER I will […]

I will scrupulously proofread and edit your content, article, blog post and ebook

Hey there WELCOME TO YOUR RIGHTFUL DOMAIN Are you looking for a professional proofreader and editor? Are you looking for someone to proofread and edit your already written content and ebook to correct all grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors? Are you looking for a professional to correct all grammatical errors and plagiarism? LOOK NO FURTHER […]

I will thoughtfully edit your book

Looking for a professional book editor? Complete your manuscript with the help of an expert.   I will copyedit and proofread your novel or nonfiction book to ensure it is error-free and publish-ready.   As a highly experienced copyeditor, I will edit your book manually, correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax, with an added focus […]