I will create an amazine persuasive copywriting for your business and brands

0 HELLO WELCOME TO MY COPYWRITING GIG When you’re reading great copy, you’ll likely be compelled to purchase a product or service. And when you’re reading great content, a brand has captured your attention + interest enough to earn some of your trust. SO Are you struggling to achieve your sales goals? Or do you need copy for […]

I will provide high quality proofreading and editing services

0  Hello great buyer,  <<<<<<<<Welcome to a professional book doctor who will refine and polish your document to make it error free I am a professional proofreader and editor with many years of experience I will employ my several years professional experience to proofread, edit and polish up your content to guaranteed high standards. I […]

Proficiently proofread and edit books or articles

0 I will proficiently proofread and edit for: Grammar Spelling Punctuations Wordiness          For words containing more than 1000 words, check my custom offer or message me.   My services do not include:   Writing   formatting   Referencing   Feedback   Plagiarism checks    I do not accept PowerPoints or images, Horror, paranormal. I read every word and […]

Professionally proofread and edit 1,000 words in English

0 I will PROOFREAD and EDIT 1000 words for grammar, punctuation, and spelling using my professional skills in proof reading and editing. My proofreading and editing service includes: 1.Full grammar, punctuation, and spelling checks 2.Tense issues 3.Rephrasing occasional poor sentence structure 4.Readability 5.Consistency 6.Brevity checks 7.Copy editing 8.Microsoft Word Track Changes as standard All of […]

Proof read your documents in english

0 If you employ my services, you get my services – Editing novels and books to the highest standard require a great amount of skill and education. My goal is to make your paper, email or document shine! My proofreading and editing service covers an array of documents, including: E-books (fiction or non-fiction) Novels Academic […]

Proofread and edit 5,000 words within 24 hours

0 Need a paper looked over before submitting it, or a blog post checked before posting? Simply order this gig, and I will professionally proofread and edit any document up to 5,000 words within 24 hours. With a keen eye for detail, I am highly capable of Proofreading any content to a high English standard. […]