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Favorite0WELCOME TO OPENED HEAVEN GIG Hello, I am Believer, a Christian writer, filled with the Holy Spirit. My utmost delight is to serve as God’s Nostrils, breathing LIFE to your manuscript (John 6:63). I believe I am specially gifted to excellently ghostwrite your manuscript, en-graced to write awe-inspiring contents with a propensity to ignite and equip the end-time church.        My desire for in-depth knowledge of […]

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Favorite0HELLO!!! I will be your Christian ebook writer, Christianity ghostwriter, and devotional ghostwriter. I work with Christian books to help you release your inner Christian faith to the world. Are you a blogger or a journalist or a missionary, a pastor or a company owner? Are you a literature evangelist or a social media evangelist? […]

I will ghostwrite christian ebook, sermons, prayer books

Favorite0Hey there! Looking for a professional writer that’d be an excellent fit for your writing needs? Then you’re in the right place. You’ll benefit from years of tested and proven content writing that has helped over two dozen companies increase their organic traffic. I have a proven ability to write engaging content with creativity and […]

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Favorite0Hi, Welcome to My Christian Ebook Gig, I am a Holy Spirit-filled Christian writer whose mission is to bring about change through writing. By God’s grace, you will obtain a spiritually inspired quality writing that will have a life-changing influence on your audience. With a background in biblical theology and Christian apologetics, I am an accomplished writer and editor. I provide accurate […]

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Favorite0I am passionate about hospitality and believe deeply in advocating for the the stranger, the broken, and the displaced through helping them find their true Place – the Kingdom of God. I will explore my faith through my writing skills which is probably why it attracted modern readers and perhaps non Christian believers as well. […]

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Favorite0Hello Great buyer, Welcome to my gig, I’m a Christian writer. I’m an expert in Biblical Theology. If you are looking for a ghostwriter who has a good knowledge of the Bible who can write about biblical truths or any topic related to the Bible and Christianity, then I am here for you. I will […]

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Favorite0Hello, amazing buyer Welcome to this gig. Christian eBook, eBook, eBook writer, Christian, Christian writer, Christianity. This gig is aimed at providing for your use, a Holy Spirit inspired message Christian eBook eBook eBook writer Christian Christian writer Christianity topic. I have been working in the world for the last 20 years. My experience ranges from professional film to freelance projects alike. In a professional […]

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Favorite0WELCOME TO YOUR RIGHTFUL PLACE!!! Are you a BISHOP, POPE, CHURCH WORKER OR SECETRY then looking for all the way round to make your church grow at all means? SEARCH NO MORE because you are at THE RIGHTPLACE!!! Do you even know that; “Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel, ‘Write all the words which I have spoken to you […]