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About This Gig Found out 95% of SHOPIFY STORES fail to receive sales due to marketing the right products/services to the wrong audiences or lack of solid Marketing plan or strategies I am Davyd I WILL DO SHOPIFY MARKETING, BOOST SALES, TRAFFIC, ECOMMERCE MARKETING AND FACEBOOK MARKETING  With my outmost discovery to improve your store […]

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HI, WELCOME TO MY GIG PACKAGE Welcome to my gig portrayal page, You are a significant client to our service. Shopify Marketing are these days in a disarray and bunches of individuals are confounded about its adequacy. Indeed it is valid on the grounds that heaps of advertisers are working utilizing old procedure, so we […]

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Hello Store Owner, Have you tried many marketing for your Shopify store but no result Or Need Best marketing strategies for your Newly Created Shopify store that will skyrocket your sales? YOU ARE THE RIGHT GIG! As an e-commerce store owner your major goal is to establish your brand. Brand Awareness of your Shopify store is to increase your […]

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Are you a Shopify merchant or are you planning to set up a Shopify ecommerce? Make the most of your Shopify marketing strategy with a certified ecommerce expert today…. Once you have successfully built your shopify store it’s time to start thinking about the marketing strategies that you will be doing to maximize your sales […]

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I Will Share,Advertise Or Promote Your Business,Website,Product Etc To My 3000 Friends On Facebook For 4 Days And I Will Post Your Link In A 6 Pages & 20 Groups My facebook account is active since 2017 and I have 3000 active friends. I will share, advertise or promote your business,website,product or anything except porn […]

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    Hello great buyerI’m  and I’m a spotify music promotion. I have worked with some spotify music Brands and Dispensaries in the UK and U.S.  I will bring spotify website traffic using SEO, Influencers and other Marketing & Promotion methods. I have a proven track record in following marketing methods for adding new track: SEO – I increase website […]