I will do manuscript, proofreading, editing, and ebook formatting

Hello Great Buyer, Are you looking for help with your manuscript? I’m Ella Thomas, A professional in manuscript, proofreading, editing, and eBook formatting expert with proven 4 years of experience in the industry. I am here to help you with your writing needs. I have been editing, proofreading, and formatting on a regular basis for years now. I WILL […]

I will edit your book or ebook, manuscript and proofread

Hello there! I am an experienced professional editor and proofreader who will edit your book or ebook manuscripts for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and flow. I will also highlight any issues that may have been missed by the editor and/or proofreader at the time of submission. I will edit your book or ebook manuscript and proofread it to […]

I will do high quality book editing and proofreading of any genre

Hi Friends, Are you a self-published author who needs professional assistance with your book?? Allow me to edit it for you, I will go through your manuscript and make sure everything is presentable. My name is Bernard and I have a substantial amount of experience proofreading and editing manuscripts. All my work is top-notch because I […]

I will write christian book, christian ebook and be your christian ghostwriter

Are you looking for a professional Christian ebook writer? You are in the right place. I am an expert, talented with Spirit-filled Christian book and ebook writer, editor, and proofreader whose practice is based on a life of writing and teaching the Word of God. It is my joy to help you put into words what is on […]

I will write interesting children books, kids book ghostwriting and editing

Hello,  Welcome to my gig!  Are you looking for a professional children book writer? You are in the right place.  I’m a long-term creative writer with expertise in children’s writing. I love writing tales that inspire young minds and teach them valuable lessons. I’m quick to respond, creative, wildly imaginative, and always ready to write […]

I will copyedit and proofread your ebook or printbook

Every great author needs an excellent copy editor and proofreader. Errors or inconsistencies in spelling, punctuation, voice, style, grammar, tenses, and the likes can quickly turn off your readers. Don’t allow the hard work you put into writing your manuscript to be in vain.  I will copyedit and proofread your non-fiction book or eBook to ensure it is error-free, engaging, […]

I will I will proofread 1000 words, grammar, spelling, punctuation and clarity

Make no mistake – I am the best proofreader you will encounter on People Per Hour. I have won numerous accolades for my own writing, and I am well-versed in academic, business, and creative writing styles. I will proofread up to 1000 words and ensure that your spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation are perfect, as […]

I will provide extraordinary book editing and proofreading

Whether you have a full, polished novel or a notebook full of one-liners, whether you’re just starting out or a veteran author, I’m here to help. I offer extraordinary book editing and proofreading services of all kinds, for all sorts of projects, including yours. I will refine your writing to ensure it has the greatest possible impact on readers. […]

I will efficiently proof read and edit your book, book editing

Hello there, thanks for checking out my gig. My name is Esther, I am a professional remote book editor and proofreader with over 7 years of experience in proofreading, book editing, book formatting, and publishing.  I have a Master’s Degree in English at Texas A & M UNIVERSITY-TEXARKANA, UNITED STATES, and I have worked with a lot of […]