I will 3d model daz 3d unreal engine metahuman realistic game character model

Favorite0Hello, I will do ; 3d model ~ 3d character model ~ 3d realistic character ~ game character ~ cartoon character ~ character rigging. I am 3d Artist specialised in low poly characters and prompts, Realist and stylized characters, environment for 3d sculpts, printing and videogames/films MY SKILLS; 3D modelling (low poly, high poly, hard […]

I will create vr chat avatar, vr chat , avatar, vtuber avatar

Favorite0HELLO WELCOME HERE I have good experience in creating VR-chat avatars with the highest level of creativity and quality, as well as an optimized mesh for operating fluently in VR Chat or V-tubing for whatever purpose you want to use your model for. You can choose your costume, including clothing, shoes, pants, skin tone, tattoos, […]

I will do 3d metahuman character, 3d realistic character, 3d nft metaverse wearables

Favorite0Hello, Welcome I know you have been looking for an expert 3d artist; A creative and experienced individual that can help with projects ranging but not limited to designing metahuman character, metaverse character design, character modeling, realistic character design and many more. You are in the right place, I am professional 3d artist with more […]