I will promote your etsy store to increase your etsy traffic



You are on Etsy, and You are Selling. That’s why you are here. No? Then, You must be here wondering what this Etsy Promotion gig offered?

As a matter of fact, you want more than selling now, etsy sales and you are willing to grow with your Etsy shop, yet you’re not sure how? Here is the Catch! Etsy allows every seller to voluntarily advertise their listings to get potential buyers and showcase their products on the search results

Increase your chance of exposure, etsy sales with our etsy pro-motional gig. we will send visitors through dynamic etsy marketing on social media and email marketing showing them precisely what your website is all about

Did you know that more people will see your store outside of Etsy (in this case our etsy traffic) the better will your store actually perform?

You don’t have to even find the right keywords, all that you need is:

Real people = Real Etsy Traffic

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