I will promote your ebook and book to millions of audience in USA

Hello. I’m Divine, a professional social media marketer, am an expert in Book Marketing with 5 years of working experience. 

I will campaign your BOOK / URL on different websites that have potential readers. I will also market your Books / eBooks to the real Lover Forums mostly in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

How Will I Promote?

  1. Boost the Books to create the best reader.
  2. Google+, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Facebook.
  3. E-Mail Marketing to the Book / eBook Lovers.
  4. Advertise your Kindle Promo to amazon book readers.
  5. Campaign your BOOK to different websites

I will promote any form of :

  • Book, E-Book, Romance Book, Kindle Book, Children Book or Amazon Book
  • Paperback, Profiles, Website, Blog, Pages, Link, etc.

If you want to increase your Books/ eBooks popularity and get more exposure to millions of potential readers. Please first knock me. I am ready for you.

  • I will provide you tracking URL Or Screenshot

Please get ORDER Or feel free to contact me.


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