I will promote your crowdfunding campaign on social media


Do you have a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter,GoFundMeIndiegogo or other crowdfunding websites?
Do you need help with promoting your campaign to the people who actually cares the causes?
If you’re shouting yourself “yes” to the above questions, then don’t stop, keep reading!
I am here to help you with marketing your crowdfunding or charity campaign to the people who actually cares about you.

 I use #hashtags and mentions to get your message to show up in social searches, feeds, search engine listings.
The screenshot of the crowdfunding campaign is being shared with my network will be sent to you when it is done.
Disclaimer: We can’t guarantee you will be funded & can’t force people to like, fund or click on link of your campaign. You ordering Shares and traffic, NOT DONATIONS!

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