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Ra-dio prom-otion is the division of a record company which is charged with placing songs on the ra-dio. They maintain relationships with program directors at rad- io stations and attempt to persuade them to play singles to pro-mote the sale of recordings, such as CDs, sold by the record Creating a successful ra-dio prom-otion can be tricky. Whether you’re advertising some new shows, special guest presenters, or third-party content, here are a few things to bear in mind first when you’re creating your own radio pro-motions. This may sound bizarre, but involving listeners as much as possible can really help hold their attention during pro-motions.
1. Ra-dio Reaches a Huge Audience
2. Ra-dio is Targeted
3. Ra-dio Cuts Through
4. Ra-dio is the Anywhere, Anytime Medium
5. Ra-dio Is the Pulse of the Community
6. Ra-dio Offers Promotional Opportunities
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