I will do vast shopify marketing, shopify promotion, converting shopify sales

Truth is, there might be plenty of reasons why your funnel isn’t bringing you the results you are looking for, I will analyze a bunch of them and suggest fixes you can implement right away to make a fortune with your online store in 2020.

Grow and Convert has a four-step, Shopify marketing process that converts your audience of your Shopify Store to Shopify sales.

The four Strategy steps are user Action research, Decision strategy, Shopify promotion, and conversion optimization. I will use all the full vast Shopify marketing mention for you.

USER ACTION RESEARCH: Everything starts with user research because you can’t come up with a Shopify Marketing strategy that will attract your best customers unless you know who your best customers are, their interest what they care about and what their pain points are which I will Do the Process user research for you

DECISION STRATEGY: After knowing whom to target and what their pain points are, In this section, I share the process and decide what the Shopify marketing strategy to use and I share the difference in their vast Shopify promotion to their base with will consist of different stages as well. 


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