Change your Facebook page name

I will change name of your Facebook fan page even though it has more than 200 likes . I can also change the name even if you have once changed it or failed to change . I can also merge your two pages with different names .
I have already did it successfully witb 7+ pages including mine and others .
I won’t use any hack or online tool method but I do it by combining 2 legal Facebook processes which people are unaware of .
This method has always been successful for me but even if I fail I will refund you 100 % . Thwre is no any risk to page .
If you want me to change myself . You need to wait 7 days and offer price is $15+ . If you want video guide it will be delivered in 1 day with only 10 $ .
If you have some Knowledge about Facebook pages go for $10 otherwise I will do it for to our at $15+ .

I will offer 2 options :

I can send video of my previously done process . You have to follow the steps .

Or : I will do my own . You need to give me admin rights . This method needs 7 days because fb don’t give full rights to new admin under 7 days .

I will be happy to work for you .

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