I will setup bot trading, forex ea trading bot, crypto trading bot

hello boss, here to share/sell my Forex EA to help you make some income online literally doing nothing, i have been using this bot myself for the past few years and have already grow my capital to 100 000+ USD. Hopefully i can help you achieve same or similar capital growth.

Automated trading with Forex EA bot – for WINDOWS 

 bots trades for you 24/7

$1000 Minimum Capital Required

70-85% Profit Monthly based on past results

Contact me for Investor password/ Myfxbook for proof of past trading history


I set up the robot in my server, so i will need your mt4 login details to connect the robot to your account

Bot earnings in 2020:

20,50 % January

25,90 % February

20,80 % March

35,20 % April (new more aggressive strategy)

21,48 % May

40,32 % June (new more aggressive strategy)

25,50 % July

20,40 % August

41,32 % September (new more aggressive strategy)

30.30 % October

32.23 % November

17,34 % December so far


Software is sold As Is.

We are not a registered broker, analyst, or investment advisor. We do not accept any liability for any loss or damage whatsoever that you may experience in trading.


signature; SUNNEX.

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