I will review your ecommerce shopify website with 10 tips to boost sales


Many Shopify store owners lose out on potential customers due to poorly design stores that aren’t user friendly to navigate through.

In fact, one of the many reasons why Shopify store owners fail is due to User Experience.

When designing a web store you want your buyers to experience a very simple yet attractive design that will incite them into purchasing your product.

So allow me to test your Shopify store before it goes live and suggest the necessary improvements.

[Good Traffic But No Sales Review] Your site has visitors (ads or SEO) but not converting usually due to following problems

  • Lack of Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Lack of Detailed Product Description
  • Usability Issue
  • Lack of Trust

[No Traffic No Sales Store Review] You have little to no visitors & not converting due to problems as follows

  • Lack of Demand
  • Lack of Online Presence (SEO + Social)
  • Niche Too Broad or Competitive
  • Lack of USP
  • Lack of Detailed Product Description
  • Usability Issue
  • Lack of Trust

I will go through your site based on the selected package & give you a list of issues + suggested improvements. You will get a complete plan on what needs to be done! KNOCK MY INBOX OR ORDER DIRECTLY Thanks.

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