I will provide high profit crypto bot, forex trading bot with no loss


≈Sleep Peacefully and let your bot make all the trading for you all the time!!!

I am equipped with all the necessary skills required to build and maintain a Profitable FOREX EA ROBOT to make automatic trades in the FOREX market [with EUR-USD, GBP-USD, GBP-JPY Pairs, e.t.c.] With a minimum investment of $1000 which will make between 30-50% PROFIT on average monthly base on your investment.

I will provide you with a REAL FOREX EA Robot FULLY AUTOMATED that makes you profit 247, you don’t have to do anything you just relax and watch your money grow every day. This is a real EA you can depend on because

  • The highest drawdown is 5 Percent only
  • 95% win rate
  • Auto buy & sell
  • No-Risk trading based on preset and rules
  • 20-40% monthly profit
  • Good broker recomendation
  • Minimum investment capital ($1000)

IMPORTANT: The price for the EA is $1500, I was unable to put that in the package because Fiverr max we can put there is $995. If you have any doubt you can try out the trial package first before upgrading to the main Bot.

Contact me for trading history Proofs or any question bothering you.

Best Regards…

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