I will do weibo, wechat creation, wechat marketing, crypto, and organic nft promotion


Hello great buyer welcome to my gig have you been looking for where to get your wechat account get done successful done with no bugs you are in the right place

-WrChat Posting:

This enables you to prom0te your NFT project through a trusted voice, which provides social proof and help investors to in have interest in your NFTs

NFT Chinese Marketing…

Get access to millions of active traffics with both WeChat & Weibo most popular apps in China. Nowadays, WeChat / Weibo is much more than a flexibility of the WeChat community, we can provide chinese Promotion for NFTs and crypto projects

WeChat Creation:

This will allow you to have a responsive marketing solution to attract chinese audience through wechat Chinese mainstream media, news and forums to market your projects

-Community Management:

We’ll run active community engagement, and NFT giveaway pr0motion. Live minting and pr0motion on online platforms Reddit, 音/ Yizhibo一直播/ Douyu斗魚/ YY) to boost exposure for your projects and redirect to brand investors.

-Chinese Community:

Having a strong community filled with active and china base for your project will seize the opportunity of millions of investors to have more effective aware


Fiverr Gig URL: https://www.fiverr.com/users/deescoutt/manage_gigs/do-weibo-wechat-creation-wechat-marketing-crypto-and-organic-nft-promotion/edit?step=2

Fiverr Gig Price ($) : 10

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