I will create messenger chatbot manychat bot facebook chatbot and website chatbot



Helping businesses get more clients and sales through high – converting FB messenger marketing (chatbots) without costing an arm and a leg. What if you can get more clients and sales without lifting a finger? Running your business doesn’t have to be stressful. I can save you a lot of time and energy by setting up your sales funnel and Digital Marketing campaigns. I’ll be your extra set of hands to make sure that things run smoothly in your business and you’ll be worry-free!

Area of expertise:

– Natural Language Processing

– Chatbot development using Rasa X NLU/Core

– Sentiment analysis

– Aspect-based opinion mining

– Entity extraction from a text

– Text classification

– Text analysis, tokenization, lemmatization, POS tagging, dependency trees

– Unsupervised clustering of text

– Outliers detection

– Topic Modeling

– Text similarity

– A recommender system

– Time series analysis

– Text Visualization

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