I will do laravel refactoring and improvements


I’m a professional full-stack web developer with 5+ years of working experience, especially with Laravel websites.

I take pride in what I do and would love to provide a solution for your business issues.

This Gig is only for Laravel refactoring and backend code improvements. I’m skilled in Laravel refactoring in various app levels: Laravel API backends, Eloquent & Database queries, Domain-Driven apps, etc. Can easily refactor into Services, Repositories, Actions, and other Design Patterns.

Aside from Laravel refactoring:

  • I’ll make sure to provide documentation and comments
  • Can provide code complexity metrics to measure refactoring changes
  • Can offer Laravel customization & improvements for speed, readability, and extendability

I work best as a Laravel developer, but can also work with pure old PHP and frameworks like YII, Codeigniter, or Slim.

If you’re looking for long-time projects or hourly rates, I usually am available 20-30 hours a week, active on Fiverr most of the time.

Please contact me beforehand to be clear about your requirements.

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