I will do attractive mailchimp landing page, email template and automation setup


About This Gig

Dear Buyer & Business Owner,

This gig comes with effective and efficient solutions to all sorts of Mailchimp stumbling blocks. It covers all aspects of MailChimp and has track records in Mailchimp designs and related services. The seller designs high quality Campaign/Automation, Newsletter Template, Catchy Optin forms, Visually Attracting and Welcoming Landing pages, High Responsive Survey forms and follow up analytics for best results.

Services include:

  • Automation/Campaign setup
  • Landing pages design (for leads generation, payments acceptance and list growing)
  • Survey Forms  Creation
  • Email template and newsletter design 
  • Subscriber opt-in forms 
  • Analytic Track Email (open and unopen) click links and website visitors
  • Date and Time based email delivery 
  • Mailchimp account setup and management 
  • 3rd party platforms integration  
  • Virtual Events/Webinar schedule, etc.
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