I will do anything related to ai , data science, machine learning


Hi, I’m Pavan and I am a Data Science expert and have completed many Data Science projects. I am IBM certified in Data science, using Machine learning with data analysis. I will give you readable data visualization charts using python programming language. I am proficient at data scraping and got certified as data analyst too, will help you reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, grow revenue and improve customer experience in


 Healthcare, Finance, BTC Trading view, Real Estate, SME Businesses using:


Stock Market Prediction using Linear Regression

Prediction of Weather Report using Tensor flow

Detection of Fake News

Sentiment Analysis for Movie Review

Analyzing and Recommendations

Forecasting Stock and Commodity Price

Diabetes Prediction

Speech Recognition

Spam Detection using neural Networks

Combining satellite imagery and to predict poverty

Emotion, Image Recognition

AI Chatbot, Voice assistant

Robotic Process Automation

Azure Machine Learning solution

Marketing Automation, Text To Speech

Statistical Modeling

Why should you seek the services of me?



Fast Completion

Assistance after delivery

Great quality code

Experience in Programming

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