I will develop wallet app, cryptocurrency exchange app, blockchain app

I will develop  wallet app, cryptocurrency exchange app, blockchain app

Cryptocurrencies differ from traditional currencies in a number of ways, the most obvious being that they are an electronic form of currency. In addition, they aren’t backed by any physical commodity or by a central agency, such as the government.

Anyone can gain access to cryptocurrency. An individual will need a cryptocurrency wallet to store a digital key that will allow them to access the address of the cryptocurrency. Wallets are typically web-based or app based, allowing users to access and view their balance as an online banking app does.


  1. Registration System
  2. Built-in QR code scanner
  3. PIN codes to access the coins.
  4. Management of Cryptocurrency
  5. Sending and receiving payments via Bitcoin URL, NFC and QR codes.
  6. Push Notifications
  7. Security, namely, setting a password and PIN to protect the application.
  8. Real-time payment tracking
  9. Bitcoin multi-currency exchange support.


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