I will develop profitable forex trading robot,forex ea bot with no loss



if you are in search for a profitable forex Ea robot then you’ve found one good investment.I will give you all the settings of my profitable forex trading Ea robot which include Time Frame, Initial lot, Take profit among others I am equipped with all the necessary skills required to build and maintain a Profitable FOREX EA ROBOT to make automatic trades in the FOREX market [with EUR-USD, GBP-USD, Pairs, e.t.c.] 

  • Possible to start with the lower fund.
  • Up to 80 Percent profit growth monthly based on market volatility.
  • The highest drawdown will 15 to 20 Percent only.
  • Multiple Auto Lot type and everything dynamic.
  • Perform with any pair of currencies
  • No Risk trading based on preset and rules.
  • Easy to use and customizable.

Note: The price for the EA is $1500, There will be a discount based on where you are referred from, I was unable to put that in the package because Fiverr max we can put there is $995. If you have any doubt you can try out the trial package first before upgrading to the main Bot.


Contact me for trading history Proof 

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