I will develop on demand app like uber,gojek,grab,pizza and ecommerce app


  I will develop on demand app like uber, gojek, grab, pizza and grocery app, pizza app, fast delivery mobile app

  •      are you looking for an On demand app, food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine delivery, gojek app, pizza app, fast delivery mobile app or any kind of delivery application? you search ends here, here you will get perfect app with unique design. I have a solid background in mobile applications for iOS,ipad,pc,vr,ar  and Android , I can work independently and can work with the team and meet your deadlines. My long and extensive experience give a deep understanding of programming tools


  1. User Accounts. Users can register and manage their accounts using email, mobile number or social media accounts.
  2. Booking Service
  3. Awaiting Schedules
  4. Charge Estimates
  5. Multiple Payment Options
  6. Notifications
  7. Contact Service Provider
  8. Filter option to optimize search
  9. Nearby restaurant (location based)
  10. Payment solution
  11. Purchase and order history
  12. Favorite restaurant list
  13. Review and rating option
  14. App for restaurant and driver
  15. Reviews and Ratings E.T.C.

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