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Hi there

Are you a professional book Author and you want a web-site where people will come to find out more about you and your books, which gives you an excellent opportunity to present yourself and your books in the best way and to brand yourself? Welcome!!

Your author web-site is your primary online presence, your brand, and your author platform. Web-site increase trust and provide important information about the business that you won’t find elsewhere. Seeing you as a professional in the field makes readers want to read what must be an amazing book, judging by your website design and info

Social media is widely considered necessary by authors and publishers for book marketing. But is it as important as an optimized author website? I could not agree more that a website is of utmost importance.

Key features:

  1. Call to Action.
  2. A Mailing List.
  3. Email Sign Up
  4. Testimonials
  5. Books, Products and Services
  6. Updates Section, aka: a Blog
  7. Social Network Links
  8. Your about Me Page
  9. A Contact Page
  10. Bonus Materials

And more

One of the benefits of authors having their own website, is the ability to sell directly to fans books. This can increase profits for the authors Through a website.


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