I will develop 10,000 nft minting website with art collection, nft roadmap design

About This Gig

About This Gig

Are you interested in creating your own NFT collections like Cryptopunks?

Minting Website:

Our company will develop minting website for you. Deliverables will be as:

  • Collection Logo
  • Collection Banner
  • UI/UX Design
  • Roadmap
  • Team Section
  • Mint Tokens
  • ERC721 Smart Contracts (Includes Royalty)
  • Add NFT Metadata on IPFS
  • Metamask Integration
  • Frontend Development
  • Blockchain Integration

10000 NFT Art Collection:

We will design your 10000 digital NFT Artwork collection. First, we will create the following layers, and then we will generate random 10000 NFT Arts through code script:

  • Background Colors
  • Different Bodies
  • Head Wears
  • Body Wears
  • Eye Wears
  • Multiple Ears
  • Hair Styles
  • Multiple Mouth Expression

Our NFT Collection Tokens will automatically list on Rarible and Opensea.io because we use standard Metadata in NFT’s.

Some work samples


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