I will design motivated real estate website in wordpress and wix


Hello Great buyer,

Your website can be one of the MOST amazingly affordable lead generation machines to have in your real estate business when you use the right channel. For most real estate agents websites is no more than a fancy business, card, and that is where the first change has to happen.

Most real estate web sites speak about the agent’s awards, accomplishments, and how they help buyers and sellers. Often this is the entire first page of the web site. It’s a long drawn out discussion on the agent and means very little to anyone other than the real estate agent themselves. In fact, any stranger who lands on one of these web sites instantly turned off because they are only seeing someone bragging about awards that mean absolutely nothing to them! The first step to getting results involves moving the focus away from you and to the customer.

Focusing on the customer means quickly providing them the information they are looking for. It may sound obvious,With this in mind the information you write should focus on serving these groups as quickly and easily as possible.

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