I will design converting wix landing page, create wix sales funnel, wix website

About This Gig

Wix Landing Page, Wix Salesfunnel, High converting Wix Landing page

landing page is a single, highly-focused web page that people get to after clicking on a Google ad, Facebook post, email newsletter, or search engine result. Its sole purpose is to drive visitors towards conversion – subscribing, purchasing, downloading, leaving their contact details, or any other action that is relevant to the campaign. 

The goal of this type of landing page is to gather important data about a potential customer, such as their name, email, address, and interests relevant to your business. Ideally, this information will help you use further marketing efforts to turn the contact into a paying customer.
Landing pages designed to generate leads will always include a contact form. In order to encourage a visitor to complete the form, businesses will often offer giveaways such as:

Free consultation
Free trial of a product

The goal of this kind of landing page is to get a visitor to click through to another page on your website, moving them one step down the sales funnel and one step closer to your conversion goal.

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