I will design a professional crowdfunding website on blockchain

we are expert team of developer, Over the years we have accumulated experience in WordPress, WordPress Apps, Woocommerce, Shopify, Shopify Apps, PHP, NodeJS, React JS and React Native, Blockchain and Server

Administration etc. 

How Does it work?

 First lets start with how normal Crowd Funding sites like KickStarter works:

In a Nutshell Crowd Funding sites are Marketplaces that connect Innovative Entrepreneurs with Investors of all kinds ( here investors are not just the Professional investors.

Now getting back to how our Cryptocurrency powered Crowd Funding Script works: Everything works in the same manner like how a normal Crowd Funding platform works, but just for how the funding is done. When an investor has decided to fund a project, instead of directly paying money > He first purchases equivalent amount of your ICO Tokens.

What’s included:

100% Source Code

Token Distribution

Add Your Own ICO

place your order now!!!

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